Division of Endodontics

Division Director

Division Director
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Mission of the Division of Endodontics

Columbia University College of Dental Medicine is a renowned dental institution located in New York City, and thus acts as a magnet for prominent dental visitors from around the world. Their contributions, together with the efforts of our dedicated staff, both full time and volunteer, make for an exciting environment to study, do research and develop clinical skills.

Established in 1965, the Endodontic Division’s mission has been to be an integral part of Columbia University’s College of Dental Medicine. Within the College of Dental Medicine, the Division of Endodontics is responsible for education, research, and patient care within the field of Endodontics.

The Division of Endodontics shall carry out scientific research within the field of endodontics. This involves supervision of student research, collaboration with other fields, and promoting ideas that can lead to meaningful projects.

Faculty of the Division of Endodontics Name Title...
The Endodontics Clinic shall deliver quality endodontics care to the patients while giving the students a superior...
Postgraduate Endodontics Program The Postgraduate Endodontics program shall educate the student through a planned...