Class of 2015

Jason Lin


Under the supervision of Dr. Courtney Chinn, Jason Lin (CDM 2015) has investigated the potential for dental institutions and student-run programs to improve the oral health of vulnerable an underserved populations throughout New York City.  In support of this project, Jason was one of five recipients from medical, dental, and nursing students across the United States to receive the Margaret E. Mahoney Fellowship from the New York Academy of Medicine in the summer of 2013.

During this fellowship, his research team focused on health policy, with an emphasis on enrichment and leadership activities.  They met with several leaders in the healthcare field, including former Surgeon General David Satcher and the president of the Commonwealth Fund, David Blumenthal.  At the conclusion of the fellowship, Jason and the other four fellows presented to distinguished faculty, mentors, and healthcare leaders at both the Academy of Medicine and the Commonwealth Fund.

Additionally, Jason was awarded the Basic Science Award at the Birnberg Research Symposium at Columbia University for another project with Dr. David Figurski in the Department of Immunology and Microbiology. 

The project (“Does the Inverted Repeat Region Near the Promoter Affect Tight Adherence (tad) Locus Expression In Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans?”) utilizes a new genetic recombineering technique that uses shorter primers.  With this project, Jason will be representing CDM at the Hinman Research Symposium in Nashville, Tennessee, in the fall.  The CDM community congratulates Jason on these exciting accomplishments!