Class of 2017

Rohan Prabhu

Hello world! I’m Rohan, a proud member of Team 17! I grew up in Jersey City and Plainsboro (basically city mouse to country mouse kinda deal) and went to Johns Hopkins in the Charm City. I really do miss college and Baltimore - it was the perfect balance of debauchery and classy food finds featured on Food Network haha! Columbia Dental was a no-brainer for me - every dental school is tough and every dental school has its good times and bad, but while interviewing at CDM, I immediately knew I would have a support system of both faculty and students to lift me back up. Also, NYC has sooooo much to offer that you definitely won’t run out of things to do post-exam! I also realized early on that dentistry was so much more than what goes on in the dental chair, and Columbia was very encouraging of these other aspects I wished to pursue. From exploring organized dentistry with ASDA to paying it forward through Student Government and Orientation, there is never a shortage of people passionate about leadership here at CDM! Lastly, this school surprised me with both its truly massive alumni involvement and its exceptionally forward-thinking focus on emerging dental technologies; the exposure to both is almost constant, and I feel absolutely confident that I will be prepared to enter the dreaded "real world" with this sort of support system and technological exposure. Hope to see you soon!




Jonathan Chodroff

Jonathan Chodroff’s unconventional career path has given him an opportunity to share a unique perspective on education and dentistry at the College of Dental Medicine. Jonathan received his undergraduate education at Yale University and was a 4-year varsity letter winner rower and varsity cyclist. However, he did not follow the typical track to become a dental student. In addition to initially pursuing a career as a professional cyclist, Jonathan started his own academic counseling and test prep tutoring service. What started out as a part-time project blossomed into a company with 4 employees that offered academic tutoring, standardized test preparation, and admissions counseling to the local grade schools and universities

Jonathan’s experience as a collegiate Division I rower, professional athlete, and tutor provided the lessons and principles that translate well to his current pursuit of academic dentistry at Columbia University. In an effort to maintain class organization and encourage learning through self-exploration, Jonathan successfully helped propose, author, and develop an electronic preclinical dental manual using Apple iBooks. Jonathan helped modernize the curriculum with new high definition procedural videos and digital photography. In one swipe of a finger, his fellow students now have access to weekly chapters that consist of features such as class assignment and procedures, step-by-step videos, comprehensive diagrams and pictures, and interactive quizzes. The “iBook” has been successfully integrated into the class of 2018’s preclinical curriculum with resounding approval. Jonathan believes the success of the “iBook” is a direct homage to CDM’s unique environment that promotes intellectual curiosity and camaraderie. The project only existed because of the untiring help and teamwork of several of his classmates and support and confidence from faculty.

For his outstanding academic achievements and firm commitment to the field of education, Jonathan received the ADEA/Crest Oral-B Laboratories Scholarships for Predoctoral Dental Students Pursuing Academic Careers. These scholarships support dental students who demonstrate a firm commitment to becoming a dental educator. In addition, Jonathan is the 2014 recipient of the ADA Foundation Predoctoral Dental Student Scholarships.

During his final two years at CDM, Jonathan will pursue the DDS-MA dual degree with a Masters in Education from Teachers College of Columbia University. As a future dental educator, Jonathan realizes that he is a scholar for life and hopes to learn the most contemporary theories of the learning process and its implementation into school curricula.

Jonathan plans to pursue postdoctoral training in oral and maxillofacial surgery and, eventually, he hopes to be part of a large teaching-based hospital. Along side his clinical duties, Jonathan wants to become an active member of the dental faculty. He looks forward to acquiring the knowledge and skill set necessary to educate and inspire patients and colleagues, just as CDM inspired him!