Contemporary Issues in Dentistry


Columbia Visiting Professor Program:

Contemporary Issues in Dentistry


presented by
Dr. Joseph McManus
Associate Clinical Professor, Section of Social and Behavioral Sciences

January 28, 2013


Location: PH 17 Conference Room 311

8:45 to 9:45 am:          Visiting Professor Seminar by Dr. Joseph McManus
                                    Factors Affecting the Practice of Dentistry:  An Examination of the Past, Present and Future

10:00 to 11:15 am:      Student Scholar Presentations
                                    Jenny Sun '13:       Dental Practice Management Companies -

                                                                   Management's Perspective

                                     Michael Yang '13: Dental Practice Management Companies -

                                                                   Dentists' Perspectives

Location: 401 Hammer Health Sciences Center


11:45 to 1:00 pm:       Visiting Professor Lecture by Dr. Joseph McManus
                                    Practice Models of the Future


The solo practitioner has been the prototype model for the practice of

dentistry in the United States. However that model of care is beginning to

change. In 2006 the American Dental Association reported that 76 percent of

dentists were in solo practice. In 2010 that number had declined to 69 percent.

A great number of factors have contributed to the decline in solo practitioners. This lecture will scrutinize the reasons and will examine the good, the bad

and the ugly of the new models of the future, the large group practices.

4th floor Riverview Lounge

1:00 to 2:00 pm:          Luncheon for lecture attendees

1 CE Credit will be awarded per session, for a total of 3 CE Credits.

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call 212-342-2964 or email

This program is generously sponsored with an educational grant
from Colgate-Palmolive Co.

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