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Jan. 13

Implant Study Club: Update on Short & Narrow Implants

Dr. James Fine discusses the pros and cons of using these types of implants as opposed to doing bone augmentation and sinus surgery.

  29 Infection Prevention in the Dental Setting - morning session. The course will satisfy the New York State Board of Dentistry requirement for re-licensure.  
  29 CPR Recertification - afternoon session. Previous CPR certification is required.  
Feb. 26-27 Endodontic Workshop for the General Practitioner

with Dr. Charles Solomon, Dr. Sahng G. Kim, Dr. Gunnar Hasselgren and Dr. Diego Andrade 

Interactive workshop. Limited class size to provide for an exceptional individualized experience. 

March 2 Implant Study Club: Soft & Hard Tissue Wound Healing with guest speaker Dr. John Grbic. 6-8pm. A light snack is provided  
  4-6 Mini-Residency: Managing Complex Prosthetic, Esthetic and Implant Cases

Designed for both the experienced general practitioner and specialist, this comprehensive mini-residency CE course provides an intensive review of prosthetics for both dental implants and natural teeth, bone grafting/sinus grafting and sinus surgery, and esthetic dentistry including veneers. Through lectures and hands-on, model-driven training, learn the key principles to hone your artistry and technical skills. Attendees are welcome to bring cases to discuss. The practical information and training are designed to be practical so they can be readily introduced into your practice. 


Annual Patricia McLean Symposium for the Dental Hygienist

with Dr. David Albert discussing Cariology and Lee Somerville, RDH, MS, covering Trends and Treatment: Esthetics as a Gateway to Oral Health and Teenagers - What Their Mouths are Telling You but They're Not: Practical Information on Teen Health Issues. Held on Saturday - 9am-3pm

April 1

The Thomas Cangialosi Annual Orthodontic Alumni Meeting

Medical and Surgical Approaches to Diagnosing and Treating TMD and Sleep Apnea

with Dr. Jennifer Bassiur, Dr. Steven Syrop and Dr. Michael Perrino

Held in Midtown Manhattan. Also open to non-CDM participants.


Cone Beam Computed Tomography: Image Navigation and Manipulation

AM-Session 1: Basic Concepts; Common Techniques

PM-Session II: Advanced Techniques - nerve mapping, 3d video capture

Lectures and demonstration. Max. 5 attendees per class - attendees perform tasks on individual dual-monitor computer stations.

The Division of Maxillofacial Radiology of the College of Dental Medicine is now offering an interpretation service for CBCT scans and dental radiographs with customized reports for implant placement, nerve mapping, wisdom teeth extraction, pathological findings and orthodontic treatment planning. For information on how to submit your scans or radiographs for an interpretative report, please contact Dr. Cleber Silva at

  13 Implant Study Club: Full Arch Implant Cases using Digital Dentistry - with guest speaker Dr. George Shelby White. 6-8pm. A light snack is provided.  
  27 Digital Dentistry Made Sensible  
May 20 ENDODONTIC SYMPOSIUM 1) Learning From My Mistakes and Failures: A Clinical Case Presentation with an Evidence-Based Approach; 2) Shaping and Disinfection According to the Dentin Preservation Protocol - evidence-based approach. 

Guest speaker: Rodrigo Sanches Cunha, DDS, MSc, PhD, FRCD(C), Associate Professor and Division Head, Endodontology, College of Dentistry, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Manitoba, Canada


  25 Diagnosis & Management of Medical Emergencies in the Dental Office  REGISTRATION IS STILL AVAILABLE.  
  25 Implant Study Club: Eliminating Occlusion Confusion: Systems to help you sleep at night - with guest speaker Dr. Joseph Gaudio. 6-8pm.  
Summer 2016    
July  20

Introducing Socket Preservation/Extraction Sites and Minor Bone Grafting for the General Practitioner  - with Dr. James B. Fine. 3 hour session - lectures with hands-on, model-based training.

Fall 2016    
Sept.17-18 thru March 11-12   Comprehensive Implantology Continuum, Part I with Course Directors, Dr. Dennis Tarnow and Dr. James B. Fine. 12 days - Option 1: 6 weekends or Option 2: two week-long sessions Sept.17-22, 2016, & March 11-12, 2017.  Registration opens shortly - to be contacted, email:; 1212.305.7124.  
Dec. 10   SAVE-THE-DATE: 7th Annual Columbia University/ICOI Dental mplant Symposium with Scientific Chairman Dr. Dennis Tarnow and international dental implant experts. Registration opens July 1.  

Comprehensive Implantology Continuum, Part II - customized, based on participants' schedules during clinic hours (Mon-Fri).

a) Clinical Observations; b) Implant Placement

Upon successful completion of Part I of the Continuum, participants will have the option of observing implant procedures in the CDM clinic and placing up to two implants on their patient. CE credits awarded for all hours of participation.

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