Columbia University Medical Campus (CUMC) Collaborations

Children’s Global Oral Health Initiative (CGOHI)

The above project is a CUMC collaboration involving the College of Dental Medicine (CDM), College of Physicians and Surgeons (P&S) and CU Global Centers. 

The aims and components of this project are four fold:
  1. Utilization of affordable technology such as Teledentistry to reach millions of underserved populations.
  2. Global Health Externships are formal programs at CDM and P&S that lead teams of CUMC Physicians, Dentists and students to remote parts of the world for the delivery of basic oral and general health care.
  3. Sustainability Training for mid-level healthcare providers.
  4. Research, Continuing Education and Fund Raising. The goal here is to network with regional universities and identify needs and collaborations that serve all.

The Columbia Global Centers (CGC) are uniquely positioned to assist the CDM continuing education (CE) department in expanding its course offerings to hundreds of dentists and dental auxillary staff in distant countries who are unable to travel for reasons such as travel time, cost, visas, business and family needs etc. The CGC could help secure a CE facility, serve as a point of registration for attendees and provide logistic support for CDM CE personnel and speakers. We believe that addressing the educational needs of the regional dental workforce will benefit the local population, foster good will and increase revenue generated from continuing education programs.

Globalized access to health care in an increasingly globalizing world is perhaps a logical next step for millions of children without basic dental/medical care. With the purposeful use of technology and educational resources at Columbia University, an innovative and affordable model for health care is possible. Such programs can be adapted to institutions and cultures around the world to alleviate human suffering.

For additional information, please contact: Shantanu Lal, DDS,

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