Dental Tissue Regeneration

Endogenous dental pulp cells, including stem/progenitor cells, may be recruited and subsequently differentiated by chemotaxis of selective cytokines in the regeneration of dental pulp

Re-cellularization of the endodontically treated root canal in human teeth by bFGF delivery. Clinically extracted human teeth were treated endodontically as in patients, but without gutta percha filling. Instead, collagen gel was implanted into the endodontically treated root canals with or without delivery of basic fibroblast growth factor (bFGF), followed by threeweek in vivo implantation. (A) Red pigmentation was apparent in the bFGF delivery sample. In contrast, the tooth with collagen gel alone in the root canal showed pale access opening. (B) Control specimen with bFGF-free collagen in the root canal (rc) showed residual collagen scaffold (cs) adjacent to native dentin (d). (C) Root canal with bFGF-adsorbed collagen scaffold led to re-cellularization and tissue integration with dentin (d). (Source)