Research Topics

Health Services: Dr. Burton Edelstein

Translational Research: Dr. David Albert

Behavioral Research: Dr. David Albert

Knowledge Translation Research: Dr. Carol Kunzel


Scholarship - Areas of Interest

Community Health Promotion
Dental-Medical Care Systems Interface
Dentists' Behaviors
Early Childhood Caries
Evidence Based Care Guidelines
Future of Financing and Delivery of Care
Head Start
Health Services Research
Oral Health Promotion
Oral-Systemic Interactions
Oral Health Policy

Special Populations:
- Children
- Elders
- Special Needs
- Tobacco


Select Grants

Current Grants

Project by Funder:

HRSA - Predoctoral Training in General, Pediatric, and Public Health Dentistry and Dental Hygiene; Postdoctoral Training in General, Pediatric, and Public Health Dentistry and Dental Hygiene; Faculty Development in General, Pediatric, and Public Health Dentistry and Dental Hygiene; Community Based Dental Partnership Program

NIDCR - R34: Developing a Decision Support System to Promote Tobacco Counseling by Dentists; Integrating Social & Systems Science Approaches to Promote Oral Health Equity; R34 Clinical Trial Planning Grant Program

Aetna - Aetna Dental Web Content Development and Research Agreement

CAIM/NYSTAR Center for Advanced Information Management - Mobile Web-based Education in ECC

Pfizer Medical Education Group - Pfizer Medical Education Group Grant Funding

National Institute on Aging  - Research Supplements to Promote Diversity in Health-Related Research

Merck - Investigator-Initiated Studies Program

Completed Grants

Project by Funder:

HRSA - Leadership Training in Pediatric Dentistry
NIH - Cyprus Cancer Project, Oral Cancer Detection Methods in a Community Setting, Bio-Behavioral Chronic Disease Management, Whole Genome Association of Oral Cancer
FEMA - Best Practices for Oral Health Maintenance in Nursing Homes
ADAF - Perinatal Oral Health Promotion