Training and Teaching

- * Pre Doctoral
- * Post Doctoral
- Continuing Education
- Special Seminars

Scholarship - Areas of Interest
Community Health Promotion
Dental-Medical Care Systems Interface
Dentists' Behaviors
Evidence Based Care & Guidelines
Head Start
Health Services Research
Oral Health Promotion
Oral-Systemic Interactions
Oral Health Policy
Special Populations:
- Children
- Elders
- Special Needs
- Tobacco

David A. Albert, DDS, MPH
- Cariology
- Oral Health Care Delivery Systems
In addition; Dr. Albert teaches within lecture courses and provides seminars:
-Seminars on tobacco cessation to:
-dental school faculty and students
-medical center employees
-Dentists and dental support staffing in Manhattan and the Bronx
-Seminars on community dentistry
-DentCare Area of Concentration
-Continuing Education Courses:
-Risk Assessment in Dentistry
-Tobacco Cessation

Carol Kunzel, PhD
- Oral Health Care Delivery
- Postgraduate Research Methodology (8 session module on Research Methods and Biostatistics)

Lynn M. Tepper, MS, MA, Ed.M, Ed.D
- Health Promotion
- Dental Interviewing
- Introduction to the Patient
- Gerontology and Geriatric Dentistry
- Behavioral Science AOC
- Introduction to Clinical Practice: Tobacco Cessation

Kavita P. Ahluwalia, DDS, MPH
- Scientific Inquiry and Decision Making in Dentistry
- Cariology (Dental Infectious Diseases)
- Teacher and Mentor; DDS/MPH Students