Predoctoral Education

The Division of Operative Dentistry has responsibility for the following courses in the predoctoral curriculum:

Dental Anatomy and Occlusion
Introduction to Dental Materials
Advanced Dental Materials
Preclinical Operative Dentistry, Lecture and Laboratory (Years one and two)
Clinical Operative Dentistry (Years three and four)
Esthetic Dentistry
Skill Assessments in Operative Dentistry, Diagnosis and Treatment Planning
Preparation for the NERB and WREB Licensure Examinations
Diagnosis and Treatment Planning (Year three and four)

Operative Dentistry is a part of the clinical disciplines that
combine with the basic sciences to produce a competent general dentist at the conclusion of the predoctoral curriculum at the College of Dental Medicine.

Postdoctoral Education
A.E.G.D. Program
Phillip Terman, DDS, Program Director

The Advanced Education in General Dentistry Program is the responsibility of the Section of Adult Dentistry, Division of Operative Dentistry. It is a one or two year program that gives the recent dental graduate an opportunity to expand their comprehensive care and patient management skills as well as gain experience in advanced restorative techniques. Program completion and certification in AEGD I qualify the candidate for licensure in New York State. Additionally, there is a second year program that further adds to the experience and proficiency of the recent graduate as well as a three year Master’s program for international dentists.

You can find details regarding the AEGD program(s) on the Postdoctoral (AEGD) website.