Postdoctoral M.S. Degree in Orthodontics

Jing Chen, DDS, PhD
Director, Postdoctoral Program in Orthodontics

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Description of Predoctoral Program

Predoctoral students begin basic orthodontic training in the second year as part of the PPIC course. This course consists of introductory lectures and seminars and preclinical training in the construction of appliances to correct dental irregularities. They are also taught diagnosis and treatment planning of dentofacial deformities and will learn to distinguish between malocclusions which are simple and may be treated within the scope of general dentistry and those which are complex and require comprehensive treatment and should be referred to an orthodontic specialist.

In the third year, in the course Principles of Orthodontics, students will participate in a series of lectures and case-based learning sessions aimed at increasing their diagnostic and treatment planning capabilities. Each student will be assigned a topic related to orthodontics to be reported on and discussed at a series of seminars. The goal of these lectures and seminars is to prepare them for clinical rotations in the second semester of third and fourth year, where they will work alongside postdoctoral students and faculty in patient care.

During the third year, some students will enter a special Area of Concentration program in orthodontics, designed for those students who wish to incorporate orthodontic treatment within the practice of general dentistry and for those students who wish to get more orthodontic exposure to help in making career decisions.