GHE Requirements

Somos Amigos Mission to Naranjito, Dominican Republic 2014


Requirements for receipt of school support of up to $500 include:

  • Upon student’s return from GHE, evaluation survey must be completed once evaluation is received, Student Financial Planning will be notified to process a $500 GHE stipend check for student.
  • Disbursement and timeline can be verified with Student Financial Planning in BB room 139 or at 212-305-4100.



  • Complete a Responsibility Waiver, Application and Release to Participate, and a Student Health Verification form with a signature from Student Affairs
  • Confirm that team leader has visited Student Health and is in possession of post exposure prophylaxis medicines for the entire team
  • Register your travel itinerary and emergency contacts using Columbia University’s Global Travel Assistance Program and Personal Travel Locator at: This will help us locate you in the event of an emergency, as well as to contact your emergency contacts. Print out a copy of the International SOS (ISOS) card for your trip International SOS (ISOS) Coverage provides world-wide assistance in the event of an emergency that requires special evacuating and repatriation services and/or immediate medical intervention. This service does not substitute for health insurance.
  • Attend all required pre-travel orientation sessions with CDM and/or the sponsoring organizations

You will be reimbursed up to $500 upon your return via a travel expense report.  The following documents must be submitted immediately upon your return:

  • Attending Evaluation Form must be completed
  • Supporting MANDATORY documentation for reimbursement
  • E-tickets and itinerary
  • Boarding pass
  • Credit card statement for all items charged to credit cards with cardholders name and all but the last four digits of account number blocked out
  • If you have never been reimbursed by the university, we will need a W-9 form completed with your social security number and signed: