Grant Development and Submission

The CDM Office of Research Administration (ORA) serves as a central resource to support the research community at the College of Dental Medicine during the grant development,  grant submission, and some post-award  processes. 
In addition the following offices are available to the Columbia University community, and often participate in the grant development process at CDM.

Office of the Executive Vice President for Research (EVPR)
The executive vice president for research, reporting directly to the president of the university, has overall responsibility for the university's research enterprise, encompassing a broad spectrum of research departments, institutes and centers in the natural and biomedical sciences, the social sciences and the humanities. The Office of the Executive Vice President for Research works to foster the continuation of Columbia's long history of discovery and creative endeavors and to promote an environment that sustains the highest standards of scholarship, health, and safety.

Columbia Clinical Trials Office (CTO)
The mission of the Clinical Trials Office is to facilitate quality clinical trial research – the effective and efficient evaluation of new pharmaceuticals and medical devices – by providing the Columbia University Medical Center research community with comprehensive administrative services that help move trials quickly from initial proposal through contract execution. We assist with trials supported by federal and foundation grants and industry contracts, including investigator-initiated trials. 

Columbia Innovation Enterprise (CIE)
Columbia University's technology transfer organization directs and coordinates the University's efforts to evaluate, patent, and license Columbia's resaarch and increase private sector funding for research and development.

Sponsored Projects Administration (SPA)
Sponsored Projects Administration, (SPA), serves as a central resource to support the research community at Columbia University by providing guidance and stewardship for the researchers and administrators on all campuses.

SPA aims to provide excellent administrative support to investigators in their pursuit of research and other scholarly activities while ensuring compliance with federal, University and private sponsor regulations, terms and conditions.