Insurance and Affordabilty

Registration is $92 and includes necessary x-rays and a brief screening. Payment is due at the time of service. The visit is payable by cash, check, credit or debit card. A valid Medicaid and/or an accepted Medicaid Managed Care card is also acceptable. Because of our focus on education, we are able to offer our services at lower fees than the cost of comparable procedures at most private practices. The next visit a treatment plan is prepared that addresses your needs and desires. At that time the fees associated with your care will be presented and discussed.

Payment Policy

Patients are expected to pay in full at the time services are provided.  Acceptable payment methods include cash, checks, all major credit cards, debit cards and New York State Medicaid (with a valid Medicaid card).  A receipt indicating payment will be provided at the time of service.  Please note we do not have a sliding fee schedule or provide free care.

Which Dental Insurance Plans does your clinic accept?

Columbia University College of Dental Medicine Dental Clinic is an Article 28 contracted provider for dental services covered by the State of New York Medicaid program and as such accepts payment directly from Medicaid. We accept straight Medicaid and most mainstream Medicaid Managed Care plans.

We accept patients with ADAP and Neighborhood Health Plan Child Health Plus and Family Health Plus.
Patients who have dental insurance should bring their insurance card and photo identification to every appointment. If a patient’s insurance coverage is not active on the date of the appointment, Columbia Dental will not disrupt or delay urgent or necessary care; however, the patient’s student or resident dentist may ask the patient to reschedule the appointment. If a patient’s insurance does not cover a treatment, the patient must pay for the treatment at the time of the appointment.

Do you accept other Dental Insurance?

We do welcome patients with other dental insurance plans but do not file and manage dental claims. Patients are therefore responsible to pay for treatment at the time services are provided and obtain reimbursement from their dental insurance company.  As a courtesy, we will provide you with a standard dental claim form listing the treatments that were provided and the payment received. You can submit the dental claim form to your insurance carrier and payment will be directly sent to you.

Although most dental insurance plans have a maximum yearly reimbursement, your dollar will go much farther at Columbia Dental because our fees are generally well below the average private practice fees.  It is each patient’s responsibility to know his/ her dental insurance benefits, please check with your employer or insurance plan with questions about coverage.