Katie Alger

Hi! My name is Katie Alger and I am in the Class of 2015 at CDM.  I grew up in Albany, New York and then made the move to Philadelphia to attend the University of Pennsylvania.  I spent my first two years at Penn as a pre-med student, thinking I would apply to medical school at the end of junior year.  My plans changed during sophomore year summer when my mom asked me to come home to drive her to a dentist appointment.  She was petrified of the idea of having one of her molars extracted.  While I offered my mom moral support through her appointment, I found myself completely fascinated as I watched our dentist work.  I then followed the rest of my mom’s treatment (from extraction to implant and crown placement), and began to realize that dentistry was the perfect career path for me.  It offers a fusion of my interests in science, service to others, and working with my hands.  Not only am I certain that I selected a great career, but I couldn’t be happier with my choice to attend Columbia for dental school.  After interviewing here, I knew Columbia would be a perfect fit for me.  This was the school where the students seemed happiest and the most like a family.  Even after two years here, my classmates’ talents, innovations, and helpfulness never cease to amaze me.  It’s been an incredible experience to be a part of the CDM (’15!) family so far and I look forward to making many more happy memories here in the coming years.