Office of Research Administration

The Office of Research Administration (ORA) strives to promote an environment of scientific discoveries, coordinate research activities and provide services to faculty and students who are engaged in diverse areas of research at the College of Dental Medicine.  The Office of Research Administration facilitates this research mission by fostering a culture of research at CDM through a broad range of activities:

  • Facilitates compiling and the submission of research grant applications
  • Promotes and manages the student research program
  • Provides assistance in the coordination of research initiatives
  • Serves as a "clearing house" for information regarding research funding opportunities to faculty and students
  • Provides guidance regarding administrative matters related to grant applications
  • Coordinates student and faculty research training
  • Serves as a communications link between CDM and the CUMC Sponsored Project Administration (SPA)

Contact Us:

Carol Kunzel, PhD, MA
Associate Professor of Clinical Dental Community Health and Clinical Sociomedical Sciences
Director, Office of Research Administration
630 West 168th Street
PH 17 West, Room 303
Kelli Johnson
CDM Grants Coordinator
(212) 342-2119
630 West 168th Street
PH 17 West, Room 303
The CDM Office of Research Administration (ORA) serves as a central resource to support the research community at...