Orientation- Class 2018

April 11, 2014

In preparation for the housing application’s launch date of April 15th; your wonderful orientation committee has put together a housing brochure with important tips and information. 

On-Campus Housing Packet 2014

March 26, 2014- (UPDATED INFO for 3/28/14)

I wanted to inform you guys of a wonderful tool, Student Services on Line (SSOL) which you will be using often to check on your student accounts, update your personal information, request transcripts, sign up for direct deposit, and many other services.  You must activate your UNI to access the information.  In addition, the Student Health Office has indicated that they will be processing your paperwork once the deadline passes.  You will be able to check on the status of your health requirements by clicking on the HOLDS links.  You should check your SSOL portal 3 weeks AFTER the deadline date (June 15 for fall enrollment). If the health hold has not been lifted by that time, then you can contact the Student Health Office. Everyone is placed on HOLD and subsequently released as their health requirements are met. 

Please note that you are not yet registered students so many of the features will not show much information; when you view your student account information, your deposits will be reflected as credits, not as an outstanding balance.  You will not be charged for the fall term until August 11, 2014 (due date of 9/12/14) after you've been registered at the College of Dental Medicine.


March 10, 2014

By now, everyone should have received their UNI and CU ID C# in a separate email from me.  You should follow all the instructions to activiate your UNI.  Soon, you will be receiving instructions on setting up your CUMC Exchange email - our IT department is in the process of creating these accounts for each of you.  Once they are ready, I will contact you about email set-up and policies.


February 28, 2014

Greetings from the Office of Student Financial Planning (SFP)

Congratulations on your acceptance!

The Office of Student Financial Planning administers financial aid and provides debt management counseling for programs under the College of Physicians and Surgeons and the College of Dental Medicine. We serve as a resource and link to your funding sources. It is important to become an "educated consumer" and learn all that you can about the options that are available, given your personal financial situation. We will provide information, but keep in mind, that financial aid is an environment subject to constant change due to new legislation and regulations.

All of our staff are prepared to answer routine questions. For more information on our office, please visit: http://www.cumc.columbia.edu/student/finaid/

you may return it via:

email: cpmc-sfp@columbia.edu
fax: (212) 305-0221
mail to: Student Financial Planning
             630 West 168 Street, BB Room 139
             P&S Box 52A
             New York, NY 10032


February 18, 2014

The Office of Student Health has just released the updated brochure of requirements: PREREGISTRATION HEALTH REQUIREMENTS FOR CLINICAL STUDENTS

Please note that students will not be allowed in class until their health requirements have been fully met.  There are no exceptions so please take the necessary steps to be in compliance. 

Deadline for Fall 2014 Enrollment: June 15, 2014

For more information visit: www.cumc.columbia.edu/student/health/newstudent/overview.html


January 16, 2014

Greetings from CDM!! Congratulations on choosing to join CDM in the fall.

Although many of you are busy with your spring semester, do take some time to enjoy the fact that you are about to become official members of the Columbia University College of Dental Medicine community. 

A number of issues will be addressed in the months to come; below are a few items that have been asked and that we would like you to give careful attention to at this time.


Important Dates

Although the academic calendar is not yet finalized for 2014-15, here are a few TENTATIVE dates for the Class of 2018:

Check-in Day:  August 10th
Orientation: August 10th-16th
White Coat Ceremony:  August 11th
First Day of Classes:  August 18th                         

The official academic calendar will be distributed closer to orientation.


Second Deposits are Due April 1st

Please send a check or money order for $1,000 to guarantee your place in the class in the fall- please consider using FedEx or UPS to send in the deposit.  They are the only carriers that will hand deliver to our office. USPS takes the longest, even if you send it priority or next day mail. 


Financial Aid

The Office of Student Financial Planning is currently preparing and updating financial aid materials for the 2014-15 academic year.  Please check their website for updated forms and contact information: http://cumc.columbia.edu/student/finaid/



Although the office of Housing at the Medical Center campus seeks to place all who apply, housing is not guaranteed.  The housing application process begins in April and the deadline for applying will be in early June. Campus housing is limited; those who currently reside in the greater NY area, especially couples, may have to contact the off campus housing resource in addition to applying for Columbia Housing.  Our housing office holds a Housing Fair in early July to introduce students to realtors and buildings in the area. More instructions and information will be emailed once the housing application becomes available.


Health Services

Please be advised that we require all new students to complete and return health forms. You must also complete certain medical requirements (immunizations, physicals, etc.) Based on certain deadlines and specific time frames for vaccinations, you must start addressing these requirements now. 

Though the information is not yet available for 2014-15 academic year, all students are encouraged to visit the Columbia University Health & Related Services web site to educate themselves about what services are available to students at Columbia University: www.cumc.columbia.edu/student/health.



Orientation will begin Sunday, August 10, 2014 and will run through August 16.  Orientation will consist of mandatory information sessions intended to introduce you to the College of Dental Medicine and the Columbia University Medical Center Campus.  You will meet key administrators and faculty members that will be instrumental throughout your education at CDM. There are also a wide variety of social events, organized by the Class of 2017 Orientation Committee, designed to acclimate you to the city and your classmates.  You will be contacted by the Orientation Committee during the next few months with more information about orientation fees and events.


White Coat Ceremony

Orientation week kicks off with the symbolic White Coat Ceremony.  This is a proud and historic ceremony for all incoming students and their parents- more information, including invitations will be sent out throughout the summer.


Change of Address

Anyone who has a change of address should notify our office in writing, including the dates the address will be valid, and the new telephone number.  As an incoming student, you are responsible for responding to all formal requests throughout the summer, regardless of your summer plans or location.


International Students

If you require an I-20 from Columbia and did not receive the paperwork, please contact us immediately.  Any specific questions about the Visa application process should be addressed to the International Students Office, (212) 305-5455, or Ms. Bonnie Garner at bg12@columbia.edu



This is New York City…need I say more?

We do not recommend anyone bring a car to campus, nor will you need it; you will quickly realize that it is a burden and logistical nightmare.  However, for those few students that may need to commute from an area not served by mass transit, applications for parking will be evaluated based on the applicant's place of residence, burden of commute via public transportation, hours on campus and availability of space.  Any special circumstances should be addressed with one of us in the admissions office who will bring issues to the attention of the parking office.  


Disability Services

Any student with a physical disability or a learning disability is encouraged to self-identify through the Office of Disability Services.  This office will facilitate all special needs that you have during your four years at Columbia. 

Students may contact that office directly:

Columbia University
Office of Disability Services
(212) 854-2284 (general information)
(212) 854-2378 (TDD)
(212) 854-3448 (FAX)


Computer Requirements

CDM requires that all first year students own a laptop computer. You will be utilizing ExamSoft software to take your exams. Specifications will be sent to you in the summer to assure your equipment meets the requirements for our campus. Please be advised that educational loans are available to cover the purchase of a computer only after the student has registered at CDM and only once throughout your 4 years at CDM.



All 1st year dental students can apply for a locker on the 1st floor of the Black Building.  As soon as the locker application is available, I will share the URL with you.  This process typically begins in early July once all current residents have vacated them.


University ID

I will be sending you personalized correspondence to the email address you used on the AADSAS application; it will contain your University Identifier, known as your UNI, and your ID#.  These will be needed to access any online systems throughout Columbia University.  Instructions on how to activate your UNI will be included.


ID Cards

In order to have your ID cards prepared ahead of time and available upon your arrival in August, you will have the opportunity to submit online photo and information.  Once the ID office is ready for this submission, I will let everyone know the steps they must follow.  ID cards are needed throughout CUMC campus for entry to all the buildings, to access certain locked areas and pass throughs within the buildings and for all university transactions.

If you haven’t already, please join your class FB page at:    https://www.facebook.com/groups/cdm2018/

Any questions about the items discussed or other issues that are of concern can be sent directly to anyone in our office: http://dental.columbia.edu/page/office-student-affairs

In the meantime, enjoy the upcoming spring!  I know that I speak for the entire CDM family when I say that we are looking forward to having you with us in August.



Admissions and Student Affairs Office

The White Coat Ceremony Eighty members of the Class of 2017 were welcomed to Columbia and the dental profession at...