Orthodontic Research

Dr. Jing Chen and dental students

From the left: Dr. Jing Chen with 2nd year dental students Alexandra K. Greco, Ross E. Aronson, Bianca S. Cabri and Thomas Choi. 

Research is an important component of the Division of Orthodontics.  Our active research laboratory is currently focused on –

  • Examining the molecular pathways that regulate temporomandibular joint mechanical loading induced remodeling.  It has developed mouse models of mechanical loading induced TMJ remodeling and have extensively characterized how changing the occlusal loading affects TMJ chondrocyte growth and maturation.
  • Examining the role of Estrogen Receptor in mediating the mechanical loading induced TMJ remodeling.

Columbia University College of Dental Medicine dental students have the opportunity to participate in research in the orthodontic laboratory with the assistance of a faculty mentor.

In addition to our research laboratory, all postgraduate students in the 3-year orthodontic program are required to write, submit and defend a research thesis overseen by a mentor in order to earn the Master of Science degree.

Please see the Columbia University College of Dental Medicine Research tab for additional information on CDM faculty and student research resources, events and opportunities.