Paola Annoni

I'm Paola Annoni and I am in the Class of 2015 at CDM. I'm from Clearwater, FL and I went to Georgetown for undergrad (HOYA SAXA!). I've wanted to go into dentistry since as long as I can remember... my dad says that my interest was sparked when I was about 3 years old watching Rudolph the Red-nosed reindeer. Once I learned about Hermey the Elf his desire to become a dentist, I had my heart set on fixing smiles. I couldn't be happier that I chose Columbia as my path to my DDS; I can't imagine a place with a family as strong as ours. Our network of classmates, faculty and staff is unique and unbelievable... CDM has given me a home away from home :) Living in NYC is amazing- always something to do, see, or eat! I'm a huge foodie and I love exploring new restaurants and quick bites around the city- it has so much to offer!