Post Doctoral Externship for Foreign Trained Dentists

Qualified dentists practicing and residing in countries outside of the US and Canada are offered the opportunity for guided study, attendance, and observation in the setting of the Postdoctoral Specialty Programs in Endodontics, Orthodontics, Periodontics/Implants and Prosthodontics.
This program is for variable periods during the academic year, ranging in duration from one month to one semester or one academic year. Each program will be custom designed in response to individual interests and needs. These programs do not carry university credit nor do they substitute for equivalent time spent in the accredited certificate – granting postdoctoral programs no official records of attendance are kept, and no transcript certifying attendance or work undertaken is provided by the registrar. A certificate of attendance suitable for framing will be issued at the conclusion of the program.

Foreign Externship Tuition Schedule  for 2012-13:

1 Month 9,551
2 Month 19,101
3 Month 25,468
4 Month 31,835
5 Month 35,655
6 Month 40,748
7 Month 45,842
8 Month 49,662
9 Month 53,483
10 Month 56,029
11 Month 58,576
12 Month 61,123


Orthodontics Administrator Mary Casey 212-305-2425

Periodontics Administrator Mindaugas Paunksnis 212-305-0568

Endodontics Administrator Mindaugas Paunksnis 212-305-0568

AEGD Administrator Steven Harris  212-305-7069

Prosthodontics Administrator Steven Harris  212-305-7069

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