Postdoctoral M.S. Degree and Certificate Programs in Prosthodontics

Postdoctoral M.S. Degree and Certificate in Prosthodontics



Director: Dr. George S. White -

Prosthodontics Administrator Steven Harris  212-305-7069


This postdoctoral program prepares the licensed dentist to practice the specialty of prosthodontics in private practice, academia, or a combination of the two. The three-year course of study covers advanced theory and practice of prosthodontics (including course work in complete and removable prosthodontics, fixed prosthodontics, implant prosthodontics, and maxillofacial prosthetics), as well as the basic and applied sciences.

Although it is strongly geared towards clinical dentistry - with an emphasis on diagnosis, treatment planning, and therapeutic application - the program also has a research component and gives students the opportunity to assist in the instruction of undergraduate dental students. The program leads to an M.S. degree in prosthodontics and is approved by the Commission on Dental Accreditation.

Interested individuals may also apply for a fourth-year maxillofacial prosthetics residency with stipend. The maxillofacial prosthetics residency is a 12-month ADA approved program that offers extensive training in the management of patients with acquired and developmental defects. This is an active program with close interdisciplinary ties to the academic medical center at New York-Presbyterian Hospital and with an affiliated institution, the Bronx V.A. Medical Center. Both postdoctoral programs have a strong commitment to education, research, and patient care.

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