Research Day

Birnberg Research Program

The College of Dental Medicine's annual Research Day, the Birnberg Research Program, is a two day event established as an opportunity for the entire school community to review abstract research posters presented by D2, D3 & D4 students in the research fellowship/assistantship program and postdoctoral students actively engaged in clinical, basic and translational research projects. Day two of the event brings forth a guest speaker selected by the Dean in conjunction with the Research Advisory Committee to be presented with the Birnberg Research Award and to deliver the Birnberg lecture.

Birnberg Research Award

The Birnberg Research Award was established by the Alumni Association of the Columbia University, School of Dental & Oral Surgery (now presently known as the College of Dental Medicine) in the early 1950's to encourage dental research of excellence and to help stimulate public interest in support of dental research. The award is named in honor of Dr. Frederick Birnberg (1893-1968), class of 1915, who helped establish a research fund.

The College of Dental Medicine's Research Advisory Committee considers individuals who have made important contributions to dentistry through both research and mentoring for selection and the lecturer and recipient of the Birnberg Award. Fifty-eight outstanding scientists and teachers have been honored as the Birnberg Lecturer since the first Birnberg Award was presented in 1954.

Birnberg Lecturers and Award Recipients 

Rena D'Souza
"Novel Treatment Strategies for Craniofacial Disorders"
Laurie K. McCauley
"Macrophages: New Players in Bone Metabolism and Metastasis"
Henry Ginsberg, MD
"How the Irving Institute Supports Columbia Investigators across the Full Range of Research"
Peter J. Polverini, DMD, DMSc
"Limiting Tumor Progression & Overcoming Drug Resistance by Targeting Angiogenesis"
R. Bruce Donoff, DMD, MD
"The Medical Treatment of Surgical Disease"
Michael Longaker, MD, MBA, FACS
"Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine: A Surgeon's Perspective"
Sally Marshall, PhD
"Remineralization of Dentin"
Deborah Greenspan, BDS, DSc
"Global Oral Health: Implications of the HIV Pandemic"

The 59th Birnberg Research Program was held on April 13 and 14, 2016.  The annual Birnberg Research Program...
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