US / Canadian Externship Program in Periodontics or Endodontics

An externship program in Periodontics or Endodontics is available for US or Canadian third or fourth year dental students. Externs typically spend a week at the Columbia College of Dental Medicine during which they attend PG seminars and classes, and observe and assist the postdoctoral students in the clinic.


There is no tuition charge for this program, but participants must find their own housing and pay for their transportation and living expenses.

A letter from the Dean or other official at the dental school granting permission for the student to participate in this program is required.

The best time to come to Columbia is between October and May because it is at that time that most seminars are in session. However, the program runs year-round and externs can be accommodated at almost any time. Let us know when you would like to come and we will tell you if it will be an appropriate time.

Applicants must submit an application to be considered. Availability of places is limited.

For further information or enrollment, contact: