Webster Felix

Hi I'm Webster Felix, I am in the Class of 2015 at CDM. I was born in Brooklyn but I've spent a greater part of my life in Philadelphia, PA. I am a proud Temple Alum, having received my B.S in Biology in May 2011. I've always been interested in dentistry, and from a very young age I was exposed to a good amount of the field through my orthodontist. Having braces in the 7th grade and seeing the service that orthodontists provide to the community made me realize that this was something I could potentially be very passionate about. Because we are in a healthcare field it isn't uncommon to hear that medicine was a considered alternative to Dentistry at one point in time and my story is no different. I was actually premed/bio major until my sophomore year at Temple, with dreams of being a pediatrician... in a fortunate turn of events I got in contact with a pediatric dentist from my job at the time and it took me shadowing him for a year until I fell in love with dentistry all over again.

Everyone asks me me how school is and I honestly tell them that I couldn't be happier anywhere else! (except when my homesickness kicks in lol) Especially being a member of the class of 2015 here at CDM I feel a bond with my classmates and the staff that is most accurately considered "Family". The curriculum is intense, that is to be expected, but we all get by with a little help from our CDM fam.

I love living in NY, there's so much to do here, I've been exposed to such a wide variety of culture since I've been here; from food to music, to shows and museums, so the possibilities are endless if you're looking to avoid studying on any given night haha. I enjoy playing sports, working out and just having a good time because life is stressful enough, you've got to find ways to unwind, I believe that adage is even more applicable here in Dental school.