Welcome Letter to Patients

Dear Prospective Patient,
On behalf of the faculty, staff, students, and residents of the Columbia University College of Dental Medicine, I would like to welcome you to our clinical facility, the Columbia Dental Center. The College of Dental Medicine is fully accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation, and is one of the finest dental schools in the country. Our students and residents are a group of highly qualified young men and women who were selected through a rigorous admissions process.
One of the primary goals of the Columbia Dental Center is to provide our patients with outstanding, state of the art, oral health care services, for reasonable fees, in a comfortable professional environment. We are dedicated to delivering comprehensive, patient-centered care, within the scope of our programs. This means that our patients are fully informed of the results of their examination and the different methods that are available to treat their conditions. Our patients then participate in developing a treatment plan that suits their oral health needs. We strongly believe that you must feel comfortable with your proposed treatment recommendations. Therefore, your input is necessary and appreciated.
The Columbia Dental Center firmly believes that patients must partner with us in maintaining their oral health. Our faculty, staff, students, and residents will educate patients in proper oral hygiene techniques, which are essential to keeping a healthy mouth, and help prevent or control diseases that affect the rest of the body.
In closing, I hope that you find us providing you with outstanding care, and that your experiences here are positive. Should you ever have any compliments or concerns, please contact Ms. Carmen Bonilla, Director of Patient Relations.
Ronnie Myers DDS
Vice Dean of Administrative Affairs