Panos N. Papapanou

Professor of Dental Medicine; Chairman, Section of Oral and Diagnostic Sciences; Director, Division of Periodontics
Periodontics/College of Dental Medicine, 630 W 168th St, Box 20, New York NY 10032
+1 212 342 3008
  • Basic Science
Key word or phrase descriptors for area of expertise: 
periodontics, inflammation, gene expression, periodontal medicine
Education/Training - Institution/ Location/ Degree: 
D.D.S., University Athens, Greece
Ph.D., Göteborg University, Sweden
D.D.S., Columbia University, New York
Selected Peer-reviewed Publications - Three selected citations: 

Stoecklin-Wasmer, C., Guarnieri, P., Celenti, R., Demmer, R.T., Kebschull, M., Papapanou, P.N. (2012)

MicroRNAs and their target genes in gingival tissues.

Journal of Dental Research 91: 934-940.


Lockhart, P.B , Bolger, A.F., Papapanou, P.N., Osinbowale, O., Trevisan, M., Levison, M.E., Taubert, K.A., Newburger, J.W., Gornik, H.L., Gewitz, M.H., Wilson, W.R., Smith, S.C. Jr., Baddour, L.M. (2012)

Periodontal Disease and Atherosclerotic Vascular Disease: Does the Evidence Support an Independent Association?: A Scientific Statement From the American Heart Association.

Circulation 125: 2520-2544.


Lalla, E. & Papapanou, P.N. (2011)

Diabetes mellitus and periodontitis: a tale of two common interrelated diseases.

Nature Reviews Endocrinology 7: 738-748.

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