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Associate Professor of Dental Medicine at the Columbia University Medical Center
Chair, Section of Growth and Development
Director, Division of Pediatric Dentistry
Associate Attending, NYPH
Physicians & Surgeons, Box 20, United States
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Welcome to the Section of Growth and Development at Columbia University’s College of Dental Medicine - the home of the Divisions of Orthodontics and Pediatric Dentistry. 

Vision Statement

The Section’s efforts are focused on providing compassionate, patient-focused, coordinated, interdisciplinary, high-quality oral health care.  For young patients, the care is child-centered.  This occurs with awareness of the family structure, cultural competency and consideration of the importance of our community setting.  The orthodontics and pediatric dentistry programs foster awareness among patients, parents, dental professionals and other healthcare providers that a healthy oral cavity is a prerequisite for good health, and that emphasis on oral health, prevention of oral disease and orthodontia are integral components of any comprehensive healthcare system.  Part of the vision is that all graduates will become Board certified and remain lifelong learners through attendance at continuing education courses and through the recertification process.  Besides excellence in education and patient care, each program provides an environment that encourages scholarly activity and research that will improve the health and well-being of the public. 

Mission Statement

The Section is committed to comprehensively preparing competent individuals to become proficient, critically thinking, practitioners in the private, hospital-based and/or academic setting.  We are dedicated to providing high quality oral health care to the children of the Washington Heights-Inwood area of New York City, especially at risk and special needs populations.  We play an active role in advancing the oral health knowledge of the Columbia Presbyterian Network and the Washington Heights-Inwood Community by engaging in and/or collaborating in community activities, scholarly activity, research, and outreach programs. 

Our Goals

Education:  to provide students and residents with an in depth knowledge of their respective specialties to prepare them to function as teachers and practitioners.

Clinical:  to teach students and residents to diagnose, treatment plan, and deliver comprehensive care at the highest level of quality and sophistication.

Research:  to develop research and critical thinking skills, enabling faculty, students and residents  to participate in and collaborate in scholarly activity and research.

Patient Care:  to provide high quality comprehensive care, treatment and education to underserved and special needs patients of the Northern Manhattan area, thus exposing the students and residents to many aspects of Public Health disciplines.


The Section is focused on promoting improved oral health in the fields of orthodontia, pediatric dentistry and public health.  Recent research conducted by students, residents and faculty include the studies of the effects of orthodontic appliances on the dental, oral and facial structures; to develop and apply innovative therapies to enhance the quality of the treatment result while protecting the dentition and the facial structures; the investigation of the causes of root resorption which is frequently observed during or after treatment and which may affect tooth longevity; disease management of childhood caries by providing behavioral, educational, and pharmacotherapeutic interventions with a special emphasis on early childhood populations; clinically-related research activities involving pediatric and adolescent populations and oral health of children and adults with special health care needs, health services research; and oral health disparity.  Students, residents and most full-time faculty are required to actively engage in research activities. 

More Information

Please visit the Division of Orthodontics and the Division of Pediatric Dentistry to learn more about the Divisions, educational programs, patient care and research.  Please contact us if you would like additional information.

Steven Chussid, DDS
Chair, Section of Growth and Development
Director, Division of Pediatric Dentistry

Section Administrator:   Mary V. Casey            Administrative Coordinator:  Jacqueline Melendez   
PH17 West 302                                                VC9-219    
212-305-7951                                                  212-305-2425            

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Vision Statement Our efforts are focused on providing compassionate, child-centered, patient-focused, coordinated...
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